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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
I beg to differ! I mean, he still had a pretty unruly personality, but his performances in The Order and I'm Not There were all spectacular! Sure, we all might have differing opinions, but consider his other roles outside The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain, if you weren't already. But yes, I will attest to the fact his death was overly popularized in the media especially with the fine, yet shallow performances he gave in his lifetime.
I hate to be that guy that rags on the dead actor, but from what I saw of Heath Ledger (including Brokeback Mountain) he wasn't all that fantastic. I never saw either of the movies you mentioned so maybe I missed something! They were all more recent works of his too I think so perhaps he got better with age

I actually went on a trip to see Heath Ledger with my school once back when he was just an Australian actor on Neighbours or Home & Away or whichever show he was on. I wasn't all that impressed with him because I didn't watch the show he was on but he seemed nice enough then. I guess because we were school kids and not the media

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