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Originally Posted by RoboPoke View Post
Skills:Graphics (Banners,OW sprites, Trainer Sprites and Pokemon Sprites)And basic scripting
Applying As:Banner Maker/Trainer Spriter/OW Spriter/Scripter
Proof(Not Needed but will be appreciated): Can be given when my site is finished
Timezone: GMT
Contact Info(I prefer PMs and Dropbox)M,Skype
You are ACCEPTED!!! as Banner Maker/Trainer Spriter/OW Spriter/Scripter

Originally Posted by SuperLaluigi View Post
Skills:Mapper,Beta Tester
Applying As:Mapper
Contact Inforivate Message/PM
*Extra Info:If i am applyed i know how to map but the only problem is that i dont know how to insert new graphics to a map but I am a good at Mapping(Extra)
You are ACCEPTED!!! as Mapper/Beta Tester
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