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I have not played any games from the 4th generation (Sinnoh, I plan on buying some.) - I own Black2 on DS, all others I played on Emulators.

1st Generation (Red/Blue/Yellow) - they where fun, but I didn't played them until after I played gen 3 games, so I found it a bit boring

2nd Generation (Gold/Silver/Crystal) - also I found it a bit boring, I know they are for GameBoy, so quality really bad (I mean for graphics) + Johto has to be the region where my least favorite of Pokemon where released

3rd Generation (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald + Fire Red/Leaf Green) - it was Fire Red and Sapphire the first games I actually played, so I found them fun. I had the actual games on GBA don't know what happened to them. Really liked it that it had color. Now I play them on Emulator.

4th Generation (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum + Heart Gold/Soul Silver) - I have not yet gotten a chance to play them, in January I plan on buying one or two.

5th Generation (Black and White/Black2 and White2) - I have Black2 and never gotten bored, its my favorite so far in the games, so much stuff to explore, really like the Rotational battles. Really love the graphics too, and of course Roxie's music too. Most of my favorite Pokemon are from this generation and some from the previous generation too.

Can't wait to be surprised when Gen. 6 is released.

I prefer the newer games over the older ones. Well thats my opinion.
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