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    Atop Mt. Coronet


    Held Item(s):

    Chapter One:
    Searching for an Unknown Friend

    Part One

    Cole grumbled as the scripture was read to him. "I don't get it! What does that even mean!?"

    Cinder sighed, hand on his forehead, shaking his head slowly. "It means... If all of this is really true... Dad lied to us, and what he wants to do is very, very bad."

    Cole looked up at his brother, eyes gleaming as he seemed to begin to understand. "... Oh... You mean... We won't get our powers anymore...?"

    "Worse. It'd kill us, it'd kill Amy, it'd kill those guys too. And all of those Pokemon up there?" Cinder pointed up at the flurry of spirits above. "They'll all die too. This purple stuff is evil... It could kill us if we swallow it." Cinder wiped his claws off on the underside of a rock, and Cole then spat the stuff out and off of his teeth.

    Cinder looked simply ashamed, and Cole simply mimicked his brother, before walking a few step closer to Lucy, looking up at her confusedly. "Ehat are you gonna do with dad...? What do we do?" The boy was tearful.

    Amy stepped up and answered before Lucy could. "You two need to learn to live on your own now... You obviously know how to find food. But you can't rely on your dad anymore." She turned her attention to Cinder, looking up at him encouragingly. "But you can still rely on each other. What you do from now on is your choice... But your dad will probably have to die, because he'll never stop trying to destroy us."

    Cole began to cry, though Cinder nodded. "I... I understand..." He turned to Lucy. "Do what you must... We're sorry for causing any trouble..."

    Amy sighed slightly. "You two always picked on me and Blade, and I always thought I hated you... But you're being very mature..." Amy reached a hand up to the older brother before asking, "Truce?"

    Cinder smiled slightly, accepting the offer with a firm handshake. "Truce."

    Cole sniffled as he cried, but also shook hands, managing to choke out, "T-truce..." Cinder hugged his little brother as he cried, patting his back reassuringly. He turned his head to Lucy, mouthing out 'thank you', and nodding his head to say, 'go ahead and do it'.

    Amy returned to her position beside Lucy, closing her eyes and again reaching for that comforting hand.

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