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Right now it's these:

"Born we are the same, within the silence, indifference be thy name
Torn we walk alone, we sleep in silent shades
The grandeur fades, the meaning never known"


"If nothing in the world can change our children will inherit nothing"

Those are from the song "Born" by Nevermore.

Awesome progressive/groove metal aside, the first lines speak to me that no matter what race we are, what religion we believe or not believe, how smart or stupid we are, strong or weak we are, we are all born the same in that we live through life not really knowing what our species' true purpose of being is. We often times cut ourselves off from each other and never really try to understand one another despite our differences. We all live and die without truly knowing the reason why we all do so. If there even is a universal meaning to life to begin with.

The second name speak to me just as it is. The way the world is now, if we don't stand up and actually change what we see wrong, there might one day not be a world for our future generations.
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