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    If I woke up in the Unova region randomly, I'd be very bewildered. I would being thinking 'how in the world did I get here!?'. It would probably take me a while to realize I was a Pokemon, I'd have to look in a mirror or a clear puddle or someone would have to tell me. I think that it would be cool to be a Pokemon for a little while! I would change back depending on what Pokemon I was. If I was a cool Pokemon like Zapdos or Dragonite, then I would stay a Pokemon for a long time. On the other hand, if I was a pokemon like gulpin or muk then I would change back into a human form immediately.

    If I was a Pokemon with a cool ability, then I would indubitably spend much time exploring the interesting Unova region. The region of Unova is filled with a vast variety of plains, forests, caves and cliffs. I would spend much time exploring the region, trying to find secrets that humans had never found before. If I were a flying Pokemon then this would help me a lot. If I could turn into a Pokemon, I would hope to be a cool flying Pokemon! I would definitely visit Dragonspiral Tower first because it is historical. I would probably get creeped out and would check out the busiest city, Nimbasa. I would visit at night because it would be super pretty and the entertainment scene strives at night. I would dance with my fellow Pokemon and even show off my cool flying abilities for the crowds to marvel at.

    I would then find a quiet cave or field to relax in. I would also love ot visit Rainbow Valley because it is very pretty and is the place of romance. I would also like to visit the Clock Tower, the tower that Ash, Iris and Cilan went to help the Darmanitan out. I would chill with the Darmanitan then visits Astibe town to relax. The next day, I would go to Area 58 and explore the place for UFOs and dark matter. I would meet with the elgym and would spend the night to see if I would find any UFOs. Many of my days would be spent exploring the Unova region, making friends along the way. I would travel from the White Forest to N's Castle. From high mountains to the low caves. I would be friendly to all Pokemon and trainers, but I would be careful on which trainers I associated with.

    If I found a strong trainer or set of trainers then I would defiitely try to track down Team Plasma and rid the world frm the terrible plans. I would try to destroy all of the bad Team Plasma members, and wouldtry to make the world a better place for all of my fellow Pokemon. I would enjoy exploring the Unova region, becuase would have to eventually go explore other regions because I would love to explore new places. I probably wouldn't spend too much time at one location. You culd say I'd be a hasty nature pokemon. =p
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