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Well, this is mine. Meet Snapdragon!

Snapdragon's personality seems to be more nerdier than I am, based on her hat & glasses. She depicts her love for inventing things, especially when it comes to technology. I kinda need to fix her mane and her color since I now prefer a much more lighter teal. I added the cape on her because at that time I was unsure of her cutie mark. However, her cutie mark is a flower (more specifically the snap dragon flower), formed in binary numbers (0's and 1's all over). I should get to draw that cutie mark...eventually. lol

ALSO, Spike at Your Service:
It was an ok episode. I kinda like the moral of this story, because I can relate to what Spike was going through. I worry too much about my friends and is willing to do absolutely ANYTHING for them. Also, Pinkie with the mustache will be my next avatar on twitter. That would be one of the greatest moments of the episode. xD

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