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Originally Posted by KingCarini View Post
My Map:

Map Name: doesn't have one, based off Petalburg City
Map Game: Fire Red
Comments: This is my first map so I was a little hesistant to change too much. The open area in the tree line along the bottom of the map contains an item.
For your first map it's okay I guess, but there are many improvements you could make to it. For one thing, the bottom two houses should be moved up a bit so that they're easier to access, one tile paths are bad. :x The lake that the city is in is completely square, it should be adjusted so it looks a bit more natural (even if you're going for a gamefreak style, most maps still aren't almost a perfect square. The majority of the map is also empty, try filling it up with decorations like flowers and a bit more path. Good effort on making your first map though. :) 2/10

Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
Now is my map!!!
Map Name: Give me a cool name for it..xD
Map game: Fire Red
Notes: This is the third town of my old hack if i am not wrong. It is meant to be a simple town so yeah..:) and i map it for my hack so ignore the tile error at some of the place because the player wont be able to see them...and ignore the border...haha
This looks like a really nice map. :) Good placement of the houses, as well as filling in the map, and the natural-looking trees. The only complaint I have is that one of the houses has a bit of a narrow entrance (the middle-left one) and that almost the whole space is filled with the large pathway. But those are more personal complaints. Good job on the map, it ooks really natural and I love it! ;D 9/10