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Ok SO - few things wanted to talk say about Black/White 2 and see if others agree. Just finished it up tonight, few extra after game things I haven't done, but really just talking about the main storyline and ending. I thought Black and White 2 were amazing, HOWEVER I do think the originals did some things better.

1. Fusion of Plot Ending with end of elite 4. This was so awesome in the originals.. racing to beat the elite 4 as fast as you could, knowing N and Ghetsis were at the end waiting... you knew something HUGE was gonna happen.

2. Better overall cinematic moments/better dialogue/better closure of events in ending. IMO, the ending to black and white was better than their sequels. The originals' ending gave a better overall sense of completion and closure, and felt like a better adventure. The castle rising out of the ground, Gym Leaders saving you from the Plasma Leaders, dialogue with Ghetsis/N, N's speech at the end, Zek/Reshiram emerging from their orbs, etc.... these were just great parts. HOWEVER the part of the storyline in Black/White 2 when N saves you with Reshiram/Zekrom is one of the best scenes in any Pokemon game, period.

Also, here a few things I wish would have been different in the sequels:

1. More involvement of Gym Leaders. I thought this was great in Pokemon Black and White... especially when they save you from the plasma leaders. Lenora researching fossils, Clay being the first to back you up in Ns Castle, etc. Just felt better having them in the plot a lot.

2. Something huge should have happened in Lacunosa Town. I kept expecting it... everyone goes inside at night and runs on a strict schedule... the story of the monster Pokemon coming out at night in search of both Pokemon and people. Kept waiting for something huge to happen there... meeting a gym leader there that called you on the Xtransceiver, to see a huge shadow of Kyurem over your heads and encountering it for the first time, IDK.

3. Presence of original protagonist from Black/White. Thought this would have been way too cool. Talked about him so much, was kind of a letdown he/she wasn't in the main storyline, still as a silent protagonist.

4. Inclusion of Sinnoh somehow. This is a pretty big maybe, can understand why it's not in the game. People talked about it a lot, though.

If I forgot anything will post in the replies... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you think. I want to see if people agree with meh! PS post your favorite Pokemon game after letting me know what you think of THANKS POKEDUDESSS