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    Mt. Coronet Village Ruins
    Bay nodded at Lucy although she turned around, probably oblivious to the gesture. Getting ready to destroy the remaining vials of liquid, he readied his hand to smash the glass containers but lowered it, forgetting that the glass might cut him. He grinned at the thought as this was the first time in his life he was given the opportunity to physically relief himself of stress. He grabbed a book off the bookshelf and threw it across the room with a wild grin on his face, the book smashing multiple things on the table, causing the disarray of objects in the room to become worse. The liquid from various vials soaked into the floor, leaving a putrid smell that made Bay recoil with disgust, before smoke started emitting from the floor. He ran towards the exit of the room, hoping to escape the suffocating smell and he was more distanced he turned around to look at the mess he left behind.

    As he looked back, he felt ashamed somewhat in finding pleasure in something that was so unproductive. Bay wanted immediately to catch up with the others so he called upon Flow's abilities and sprouted a fox-like tail that he swung towards the ceiling of the corridor between Blaine's house and his laboratory. As soon as it made contact with the ceiling, it solidified into a product of more durability than steel, caving in the entrance to the already ruined room. Bay examined his handiwork, ensuring that the room would be
    sealed, leaning towards the rubble obstructing the pathway. Sure enough the fire on the other side was raging but it wouldn't go far, seeing as the room was now air-locked Did this make him an arsonist?.Without retracting his tail, Bay playfully ran up the stairs leading towards the exit of the house until he reached the trapdoor, climbing up through it, then closing and covering it behind him.

    The sun seemed to render Bay's eyes useless as he emerged into the sunlight. As his eyesight because less sensitive to the light he became momentarily confused as Lucy never explained specifically where she was going on the mountain but Bay didn't let this be a setback.Dashing on all fours, he followed the path up to the mountain.

    The bag on his back didn't seem to slow him down much but as he neared the summit it seemed to weigh down on him more. He stood upright on just his feet, wiping his hands off and walking up the rest of the way, moving at a quarter of the speed he was previously moving at. Eventually he reached the top of the mountain with exhaustion. As the land grew more flat, Bay began to relax his pace until he reached the top.

    This was Bay's first time he remembered seeing the top of the mountain but it felt all too familiar, almost like he was visiting an old friend. It made Bay stop in his tracks and debate on whether or not he had been here before. "It's where Arceus inscribed his rules." A voice echoed through Bay's conscious and it just frustrated him slightly. He had an intuition that he had been here before and as soon as this feeling came to him, a searing pain along with an image flashed through Bay's mind depicting a pillar with a lines of text:

    The world has been broken, and it is humanity's fault.
    It is up to you to bring justice to yourselves and the world.
    You must guide yourself, however...
    These are the laws of Arceus!
    Let yourself be washed of your moral preconceptions. From the first time you've read these commandments, let them be your only laws. Then and only then allow yourselves to rediscover what you believe is right or wrong.
    You shall not harm the spirit of the pokemon, lest divine retribution strike.
    You shall be in possession of no more than six pokemon spirits at any one time, lest your spirit become suppressed.
    If you take the spirit of the pokemon from another you must take it for your own, lest it turn on you.
    You shall not harm children under the age of fourteen that have not yet received their pokemon spirit.

    The image of the text obscured his eyesight as Bay subconsciously walked over to the pillar where the laws were actually written. The pain instantly faded and Bay opened his eyes, slightly unaware of what just happened and saw that he was looking directly at the text now, on another part of the summit. His ears had now popped from the high altitude although Bay managed to hear muffled sobbing. He turned around and saw Blaine's two sons, no Cole and Cinder and felt a pang of sympathy, unaware of Lucy and Amethyst. The scene of the older brother hugging the other brought feeling similar to watching a baby bird falling from a tree. Bay silently looked away allowing the Boys to have their privacy, turning to see the mass of spirits above them.

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