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Unfortunately you cannot catch everything. You're lucky you picked White though, as you'll get access to White Forest, which if you finish the game fast enough then you'll be able to access all the Pokemon there (each trainer is associated with finding a Pokemon in White Forest, within the forest). While you can trade for some things in-game through various trainers (such as trading for Cottonee early on in the game in Nacrene City) other things you can trade for aren't included in the Unova Dex. Another way you can find Unova Dex Pokemon is through evolving everything you find in each area, or alternatively asking for what you cannot get in the Quick Trade Thread. That p much includes version exclusives, really. You'll also need another game in order to get Landorus on your game, so keep that in mind or you can just trade for that too. As for completing the whole Pokedex, that'll really involve the same thing, and also going by swarms, too. As well as that, there's also trading back from older games (which involves having previous games such as Ruby/Sapphire, and so on.

Nevertheless, throwing this into Quick Questions in case others have stuff to add - and just in case you have more to ask. :) Use that in the future!

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