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    Final update. This was a fun challenge, and it helped me connect to Pokemon I never used before. Well here is my team entering the Hall of Fame!

    DJ Wild. I only used a Raticate once before, in a Nuzlocke. But even that Raticate matched you. For being only a sub-par Pokemon wit no moves above 70 power, you still destroyed everything. I would consider you more as a gift, rather than coal.

    Tiny Tim. I named you after a pretty underrated musician, rather than the Charles Dickens character. I used to hate Tangela (The evolution more) due to one of the worst movepools, but I warmed up to you. I made the most of your movepool, and it completely wrecked my enemies. Probably now, my least favorite is Delcatty.

    Captain. My dear starter. Your name actually came forth from a dream (though the name was originally for a Walrein). You had some great stats, with a great moveset. Probably my favorite Pokemon on my run.

    Toxin. I regret wanting to have Nidorino over you. You had an amazing HP stat, and tanked through all your foes. Plus the fact you can't get poisoned made you an even more amazing Pokemon.

    I couldn't get you highlighted Frostbite, sorry. You were the last member in my party, only joining after Blaine's gym, so I never really got to use you much. But what I did use of you was pretty awesome, with steel wing handling your most crucial weakness of rock.

    Crap, couldn't get Mimien in time. Anyways, Mimien had a very wide moveset, handling a lot of types. Combined with great special stats, and the boosted experience, you ended up being the strongest member on my team.

    And if you're wondering about Mewtwo, forget it, too much work.

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