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Originally Posted by Heracles4 View Post
On the contrary, B/W and their sequels are so frickin slow. It takes forever to walk, to enter a building, to exit a building, to talk to people, to enter the battles, to battle, to exit the battles. Pretty much everything. And I hate that it takes so long.

I also hate that there is no safari zone,the dream world, that poison doesn't hurt out of battle,TMs aren't a one time use anymore, etc

IMO, the gba games were the best...If only they could take them, put them on ds cartridge thingy-mabobbers, and take the new games and convert them into that format

If "B/W and their sequels are so frickin slow" is you're only reason as to why the games suck now, then that's not really a valid point. Actually it's quite the opposite , the games are faster and smoother than the originals. They have also improved a ton graphic wise and gameplay wise. I personally think that Black and White have the best story so far. And while I only just recently got Black2 and White2 , however they're really good games, probably better than Black and White 1. I think more people should loosen up their nostalgia goggles and give them a chance causethe series has improved a boat-load since Red and Blue. Yeah, I didn't like alot of the 5th generation Pokemon at first, but after playing Black and White, they've grown on me and I've gained alot of favorites. Same thing happened with Gen IV. I didn't like half of them until I started playing the games more and now they've grown on me and now I love them. The series has definitely evolved since Red and Blue.When I look back and play Red and Blue again now , I notice all the flaws they have. These flaws have since been greatly improved on. If you don't want to walk you can always ride your bike or use the Running Shoes. And also if you can't wait a few seconds to enter a building , then why bother with playing any of the games? (or any video game for that matter since most games require a good amount of patience. )

In a way you can say the Dream World is like a Safari Zone. There's also the Eastern part of Unova which has many non-Unova Pokemon that are available so I really see no need for a Safari Zone this time. It was fun though.
Poison no longer hurting outside of battle is actually a really good thing. I like not having to rush to the Pokemon center or use up Antidotes everytime a Pokemon is poisoned. And it's pretty much an improvement from the feature implimented in Gen IV where a Pokemon survives poisoning with 1 HP left when outside of battle. TMs having unlimited use is also a really good thing. Some TMs are only found in the wild and can't be bought and so having more an unlimited of them means you can teach as many Pokemon that moves as possible. So that's a much need improvement that I'm glad Game Freak implemented.

So actually Pokemon is far from ruined, it's vastly improving. All arguments I've seen that are pretty invalid arguments. Saying "The games suck and aren't what they used to be" isn't a good reason why they're bad. It's just stating an opinion actually, no real why the games are bad now adays. In my opinion, they aren't. They're much better.
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