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I joined the past incarnations of this club so yeah, signing up again!

Name: Hikari10
Partners: Litwick and Frillish
Ghosts. Why: I love Ghost-types, most have cool designs and can be useful in battle thanks to their good amount of resistances and immunities, not to mention they get very interesting dual typings. I particularly liked the Ghost-types in the 4th and 5th Generations, since they introduced lots of Ghost-types with interesting dual-typings. Also, most have good movepools too making them versatile and they can serve both offensive and defensive roles well.

What do you like about your partner Pokemon?

These two are part of 2 of my fave Ghost-type families, and I loved the unusual type combinations seen in many later-generation Ghost-types. Not to mention these two are really cute and their evolved forms serve great roles in battle.

Frillish and its evo Jellicent are also among my fave Water-types, and I loved the gender differences with them and the fact they are great at defensive roles on a team while being offensive at the same time. I have two Jellicent on my Black version and I play around with their movesets a lot.

Litwick is a super-cute candle with a purple flame, and I love it and its evos' Shiny colors too, especially the beautiful orange flames on the Shiny Chandelure. I tried one out on my team in Black and its mighty Special Attack made it too awesome for me not to use. Also, if it has Flame Body it can be helpful for hatching eggs quickly too!
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