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    Dragons are majestic, when I think of dragon I think of a strong flying Pokemon speeding around the Pokemon world and leading by example. Then for some reason, I think of fire type Pokemon as the second strongest, I' not sure why it's just my opinion (and lack of sleep). Charizrd and Ho-Oh are fire types- they are viewed as incredibly strong Pokemon.The number of dragon legendaries are increasing; I think that it would be col to have another dark legendary. The only prominent dark legendary I can think of is Giratina and Darkrai. Or maybe they could introduce a steel legendary because there seems to be a lack of those too.

    I didn't see anything wrong with there being dragon mascots again. Like I said, a dragon seems more powerful and seems to shine up above the other Pokemon. Reshiram and Zekrom seems stronger than the past legendaries (Dialga Palkia) because of their looks and typing. If I could type them as not part of dragon, I'd type Zekrom as an electric water. That would make it an enigma to battle, especially if it could absorb both water and electricity. That would make Zekrom a powerful wall with strong attacks, and that would be an incredible tank n battling. For Reshiram, I would make it a water fire type. Those types would also make it seem like an enigma. It would make rock Pokemon stuggle to attack and ground pokemon would have trouble as well. It would be an incredible attacker with moves like hydro pump, blue flare, solar beam and hyper beam. It would be an incredible Pokemon to take out, and it could possibly even sweep team with its unique moveset variety. If I could change Kyurem, I'd change it from a Dragon type to a fighting type. Often kyurem loses to fighting Pokemon, so if I changed it to a fighting type instead of dragon I could equip kyurem with some fighting moves to take these annoying fighting type Pokemon, like machamp, out. It stinks in competitive battling because dragon type and fighting types have their way with kyurem in the battling scene because he is so darn slow.

    I aslo believe that it was a good idea to have dragon mascots because it allows the Pokemn to have powerful attack and gives them the ability of ly. I believe that the main Pokemon in the net game will be dragon, unless their is a new typing. I think that we will start to see more dragon Pokemon and more dragon oriented trainers in the game. Their was a dragon gym in White/Black and White/Black 2
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