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Name: Eduard Redstrike (born Eduard Calleous)
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Half-elf
Country of Origin: Ethora, Golden Islands

Eduard is neither especially tall nor short but has always been overall thin. His face is more feminine than he'd wish and even though he trains diligently and has developed trusty muscles, his bare body still won't come across as manly. Nor womanly, thankfully. His eyes are a blueish gray color and his long, straight hair is so blonde that it almost looks white. His travels has made his skin get a slightly olive-toned tan though, making his hair seem even more unnatural. Being half-elf, he suspects that his life span might be a bit longer than the usual human's, something that is foreshadowed by his slightly prolonged adolescence. Even though he has hit 34 in the calendar, no one who saw him would guess that he's much older than 20. Then again, that might just be because of his feminine looks. The only other proof of him being the offspring of an elf is his ears, which are much pointier and slightly bigger than the ordinary human's. That's rather easily hidden with a hat though.

Calling himself a traveling monk, Eduard refuses to wear blatantly obvious armor like soldiers or paladins. Instead, he wears - in his eyes - a stylish red suit and mantle, along with his precious hat which he only takes off when he really has to. Like in front of very influential people, or inside churches, or when to express sincere gratitude. He does, however, wear light leather armor beneath the red jacked and trousers. He doesn't like to be burdened by it, but protection is necessary if you're a lone wanderer these days and it still allows him to move like the red stormwind he believes that he is. It is of pretty much the same kind that the swift sailors of the Golden Islands use.

Eduard is a sucker for gold and jewelry, even though he stupidly tries to deny it. His belt has a marvelous green gem on it and is otherwise decorated with genuine gold pieces. It has brought bandits upon him more than once on the road. Luckily, he knows how to defend himself! Beneath his red mantle collar, he wears a golden chain. Even though the chain weighs, he values it dearly and would not want to put his gold in a bank somewhere to be stolen where he could not protect it. He does not wear any rings or armbands though; he simply has to admit that they come in the way of battling efficiently.

Eduard Redstrike is an oddball. He calls himself the Red Monk and dresses accordingly, even though there probably was no other monk in the history of Aerion that wore such a frivolous hat. He generally follows the belief of the Nine but has a rather strange relationship with the top two gods, Andal and Dabel. This is because he is always accompanied by two seemingly imaginary fairies, one black and one white. He believes that they are the spirits of Andal and Dabel (and he calls them Andalle and Dabelle) who have come down to wage a war over his soul. They always try to make him do good or evil decisions whenever possible. Often, he tries to avoid whatever they are suggesting altogether. His sword, the Blade of Disbelief, was named by Andalle and Dabelle, which probably indirectly means that he named it himself.

To strangers, Eduard does his best to appear like a charismatic, happy monk that always lends a hand to those in need of salvation or rescue from whatever. He often prays to the Council of Nine as well as to Tempus and Lumis. The latter two are his favorite deities and while he understands that they were probably too busy keeping day and night running to partake in some sort of club together with the other gods, he still thinks they deserve some more worshiping. He named his staff after them, the Staff of Sun and Moon.

Eduard thinks family that you're born with and forced to live with is overrated and that friends that you choose to be with is what matters. Since he's been traveling the continent for a while, he's got contacts in all sorts of places. He still prefers to travel alone rather in some pack of adventurers or traders though; even though he has sometimes come along to escort other travelers. He never demands gold for it, as he believes that it makes his soul feel good to be nice to others. This often makes Andalle tell him how proud she is, which might make him panic. Likewise, if someone offers him payment without him asking for it and he accepts even though he's not sure that he deserves it, Dabelle says how proud she is, making him panic too. The fight for balance never ends for this slightly delusional man. Why he doesn't simply follow Andalle's guidance in this world where everyone seems to strive towards goodness anyways, is anyone's guess.

Other than that, the Red Monk enjoys food in all forms, always eating a lot when he can in hopes that he will one day grow a little less thin. That doesn't appear to be happening very soon though. He also loves music whenever he comes across it but unfortunately has a terrible singing voice that he is unaware of.

Three decades ago, a rather rare thing these days happened. An elven trade ship came to the city of Dinas. One year later, a lone traveler knocked on the front door to the House Ballard's main residence in the Golden Islands, seeking a Bernard of House Ballard. The traveler turned out to be a male elf from Miracyia who carried a little child. The elf's name was Endurin and he claimed that the baby, Eduard Calleous, was the son of Bernard and an elf noblewoman. Bernard was furious and did not want to admit that he had seduced the elven lady that had come with the trade ship one year earlier. He gave the boy to a church in the outskirts of Dinas and there, Eduard grew up. Endurin never left though; he took on the role of a monk in the church, concealing that he was an elf with spells, and took care of the boy. Only the priests at the church knew the truth, both about Endurin's identity and about Eduard's parents.

The boy grew up to follow the belief of the Nine diligently. But he was always too restless for the church. When he turned 15, he was still much smaller than the other boys of his age and asked his mentor Endurin why. Endurin did not tell him the whole truth then, but he did reveal that Eduard's last name was Calleous and that he was a half-elf. Learning this, Eduard was confused for several months until he decided to leave the church to become a sailor. The priests disagreed, having been ordered by Bernard of House Ballard to keep Eduard there until he said otherwise. But Endurin agreed and helped Eduard to get a job on a trader's ship, even though he looked like a small boy still.

Life at sea was rough and Eduard had to grow up fast to not be bullied into oblivion by the rest of the crew. But he had chosen this life for himself and he prayed diligently to the Nine still. Especially to Lumis and Tempus, even though they were not part of the Nine. Because at night and day when he was out at sea, it was Lumis and Tempus that smiled at him and lit up his way. The other gods, he saw nothing of. With diligence and resolve, it wasn't too long until the half-elf boy became friends with the rest of the crew and started to actually thrive onboard.

At the age of 20, working on a ship that only sailed around the Golden Islands and Rolsten was not enough for Eduard though. He decided to leave and see the world. But first, he returned to the church where he grew up. As fate would have it, his visit coincided with a visit of his father. He overheard a conversation between Bernard and Endurin. The human nobleman was angered that Endurin had let his son go without notifying him and threatened the elf. Eduard, usually confident as few, did not dare to step out of the shadows and Bernard left without being confronted by his son. Endurin now explained everything to Eduard. He was the rather illegitimate son of the elf Edine Calleous and the human they had just seen. Bernard wanted nothing to do with him, and his mother had not dared to keep the half-blood in Miracyia. But her brother, who had always loved his sister deeply, took Eduard to the Golden Islands. When his father wanted nothing to do with him, Endurin took care of his nephew at the church. Now, he finally revealed his elven ears to Eduard for the first time.

What the half-elf gathered from this story and his life up until now was that it did not matter who you were born to. You could not choose your parents for yourself. But you could choose your friends. His uncle was his friend, as were the priests of the church and the crew on his trade ship. A strange kind of anger and sorrow manifested deep in Eduard's heart. Perhaps this was what made him such a strange person. Or maybe it was his mixed blood all along. Or maybe the heavens really did intend for him to have a peculiar fate.

He refused to take his mother's name and made up a new one for himself: Redstrike. His bewildered mind sought out clothing that would fit his new demeanor and then he left the church once again, to travel the world and make friends. Real friends. His aimless travels took him through all of Ethora's regions, across Eveamoor and into Falke and Rastra. He never bothered venturing into Vanaheim though, and he did not feel like going into the land of his mother. He joined up with some from his old crew and traveled around Rolsten for quite a while. Whenever he was in the general vicinity, he made sure to return to Dinas and visit his uncle who remained at the church. But after his years in Rolsten, Eduard returned to Dinas to find that his uncle had gone back to Miracyia at last, only leaving a few possessions behind for Eduard to take. Among those were his staff.

The fact that he did no longer have his only important family member in what had been his home, made something more break inside him. As he sat before the altar in the church, he started to hear whispers. Before he knew it, two tiny fairies appeared before his eyes and whispered commands to him. He should stay here and forever serve the Nine! No, he should get a ship of his own and become a wealthy pirate! With his sword skills, practiced in adventures at sea and across the lands, it would be an easy feat! No, he should rejoin his father humbly! No, he should go to Miracyia and slay his unloving mother! Eduard panicked and immediately believed that Andal and Dabel had come for him. He refused to listen to any of them, not wanting to leave this world yet. He was very much alive and he would prove that his life was worth something!

Now, Eduard was 28 years old but did not look a year older than 20. His elven blood always showed in his slow growth, as well as in his ultra blonde hair and pointed ears. He decided to call himself a monk from now on and serve the Nine more diligently, but without letting himself be lured into the blinding light of Andel or the unfathomable darkness of Dabel. The fairies would not seem to leave him alone though, and soon he became used to them and even became friends with them. In some strange kind of way. He kept traveling, refusing to be like the dusty old priests from the church. No, he would be the very best monk there was. The Red Monk.

One day six years later, a messenger came to Eduard Redstrike as he was staying in a village in the Silver Plains. Apparently, the monks of Ekilore had heard about his diligence as a traveling monk in the name of the Nine (at least that was what Eduard supposed) because they were now summoning him to Ekilore to help with some old prophecy. Prophecies were spooky, but Eduard did not turn down this opportunity to show his worth.

Weapon Preference: His weapons are his Staff of Sun and Moon and his Blade of Disbelief. The former is a strong wooden staff with one thick end shaped like a crescent moon with a green stone solidly fastened. The red monk uses this end to bash enemies. The other end is rather pointy but not pointy enough to be used as some kind of piercing weapon, as Eduard dulls it on the ground all the time using it as a walking stick.

Luckily, he also has the Blade of Disbelief, which is a sword with a remarkably uninteresting sheath, barely decorated with strings of leather. The blade itself has a golden handle with pink and green stones though. As if Eduard would have it any other way. It is a fast, light and sharp sword that he uses when bashing the staff doesn't seem threatening enough. Normally, he then dual wields the two weapons, attacking with the sword in his left hand and defending with the staff in his right hand. Yes, he is left-handed.

Eduard also believes that if he's really in a crisis at some point, the gods will come and save him by granting him powers of divine magic, but he has never yet really been able to perform anything like that.

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