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    hi i am interested in :
    06227 Articuno [10ANNIV] Modest [13-October-2007] Likes to thrash about
    06227 Charizard [10ANNIV] Brave [23-October-2007] Sturdy body
    01000 EUKALIA Mew [EUKALIA] Gentle [28-September-2010] Loves to eat German
    03208 Kyle Riolu [Kyle] Serious [27-November-2008] Good perseverance UK
    03208 Carlo Riolu [Carlo] Serious [7-December-2008] Sturdy body Italy
    03208 Karel Riolu [Karel] Serious [25-December-2008] Sturdy body French
    03208 Kiko Riolu [Kiko] Serious [21-November-2008] Hates to lose Spanish
    04019 Movie Shaymin [Movie11] Hasty [9-April-2009] Often lost in thought
    07189 Summer Regigigas [EUSMR09] Brave [9-August-2009] Sturdy body
    03050 Shiny Spring 2010 Pichu [PRI2010] Jolly [5-March-2010] Good perseverance
    10160 Fall Mew [OTO2010] Modest [15-October-2010] Good endurance

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