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    I'm perfectly content with Unova and see nothing that could've been gained by setting the games in a different region, and particularly a region I've already been to. It's bad enough that GF has so often recycled pokemon, and, to me, the fact that BW don't have any recycled pokemon pre-E4 is one of their best features. It would've been a shame to have destroyed that by recycling a region, and in my opinion that's exactly what it would've done. But that's a thing I've never understood about much of the pokemon fan community anyway - I like new regions and new pokemon and really have little interest in seeing and catching and training the same things I've seen and caught and trained before, but it seems that I'm in a distinct minority in that.

    Don't get me wrong - I like the updated games in old regions, like FR/LG and HGSS - but I like them the way they are and for what they are. They're ultimately remakes, to take advantage of the better hardware available since the first versions. I like seeing what the old games can do if they're redone for a new platform and with the new rulesets, but that's more than enough 'going back to an old region' for me. Beyond that, I just have no desire to revisit old regions. I want to see new regions and new pokemon - that, to me, is the real point of new games.
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