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    Ok, I started my Fighting Type Challenge back up today. I figured out why my game was acting all f***ed up, it does what mine was doing because, when you hack or cheat the game before you fight the first two trainers, the game will freeze.

    ^Started HG
    ^Named myself Locdown
    ^Went downstairs
    ^Got all my stuff
    ^Went to go see Prof. Elm
    ^Got a Totodile as my starter
    ^Went to go meet Mr. Pokemon
    ^Got taken around Cherrygrove
    ^Got the running shoes
    ^Got the Map Card
    ^Went to the berry dudes house
    ^Got the Apricorn Box
    ^Met Mr. Pokemon
    ^Took his egg
    ^Got the Pokedex
    ^Went home, skipping as much grass as possible
    ^Gave the egg to Prof. Elm
    ^Named my Rival Free

    All I had time to do today.


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