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Ghosts. Why: I've always loved Ghost types. Ever since generation I. The concept is great, and they usually find some way to be scary, whether it's through design, background or w/e. The reason they've never really made an impact on me when it comes to the love of certain Pokemon types, is because I've never found a place where they fit in. Whenever I get to a point where I can catch Ghost types, my team is either already full, or I've already decided on which Pokemon I'm gonna use. It's a shame really, because for what it seems, and what I've experienced, Ghost types are really good in battling, with how a lot of types are either weak or have no effect on Ghost types. Also, there seem to be a lot of great Ghost type moves... well, basically, I've always been really fascinated by the Ghost type Pokemon, but I've just never really found any time to ever really use them, and want to know more about them. And with all the Ghost type Pokemon that came in B/W, hopefully I'll find a few in my B2 adventures :p

What do you like about your partner Pokemon?

My love for the Ghost types started with the Ghost types themselves, so obviously I'd like the very first that ever came out. Fact just is, to this day, the Gastly line still remains my favourite. Why? Well it just seems like they're actual Ghost types. They're designs are based on what kids typically see Ghosts as, and they catch the scariness I'd like to see from Ghost type Pokemon through their design, growing more scary with each evolution. They may not be that scary compared to what can be seen in several other kids games, but I still managed to get scared enough to always rush through Lavender Town, however that may have been more from the rumours. But basically what I'm saying is, out of all the Ghost types, I feel like they seem more like actual Ghost types than any of the others, and they managed to scare me back when I played through the first games.
The Gastly line is also the only Ghost type Pokemon I've ever actually used as part of my main team, which is just more reason they'd be my favourites.

The Litwick line is mainly my favourites because of their relatively cute appearances compared to their backgrounds. I mean, seriously, at first glance I wouldn't see a Ghost type in them, but rather just a lightsource-based fire-type line, but when I read their Pokedex entries, I found out just how wrong I was. They're some of the most terrifying Pokedex entries I've ever read, and can easily see why they'd be regarded as Ghost type Pokemon. I've never actually used them though, so I can't say much for their performance in battle, but pretty sure they wouldn't be too bad.

Ooh, and level up Gastly :D
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