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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post

370. Close Combat-Counter animation over the Megahorn Background
380. Icicle Crash-Play Icicle spear's animation followed by Ice Ball's (so 3 little picks then the big one)
384. Volt Switch-Charge's animation then spark's
390. Drill Run-Drill Peck's animation over Fissure's backround
395. Force Palm-Arm Thrust over Guillotine's background
397. Rock Polish-Defense Curl's animation followed by Agility's?
402. Seed Bomb-Egg Bomb? over some sort of green backdrop (like the green the Drain moves load)
404. X-Scissor-Vice Grip plus the X-animation from the ends of Cross Chop and Leaf Blade
413. Brave Bird-Sky Attack's bird dive over Megahorn's backdrop
414. Earth Power-Eruption's falling rock animation over fissure backdrop
417. Nasty Plot-Amnesia over the Dark Backdrop
418. Bullet Punch-Harden animation followed by Mach Punch's animation
422. Thunder Fang-Bite+the thunderstrike from Tri Attack
423. Ice Fang-Bite+the frost from Tri Attack
424. Fire Fang-Bite+the flames from Tri Attack
425. Shadow Sneak-Ghost background+snatch's animation (where the user swipes behind the target)
426. Mud Bomb-Barrage's animation
427. Psycho Cut-Psychic background+Cut or scratch?
431. Rock Climb-Skull Bash's attacking animation with Rock Smash's animation right after
433. Leaf Tornado-Razor leaf and Twister?
435. Discharge-Charge's animation and then the sparks on the foe.
440. Cross Poison-Vicegrip+the poison animation
441. Gunk Shot-Sludge+Guillotine backdrop?
446. Hex-Mind Reader over the ghost backdrop
I tacked together some guesses for new move animations. I'm not entirely up to snuff on the limitations of move hacking so some of these may not be possible.

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