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    I grew up with Pokemon... Started with RBY and then basically stopped playing Pokemon when RSE came around. Then, when DP came about, I couldn't resist spending the money from my very first paycheque to buy a DS Lite and Pokemon Diamond. I absolutely loved it. Then I kind of fell away from it again and didn't play Pokemon again until recently, when I bought a 3DS last November.

    When I first played Pokemon Black, I thought the new Pokemon were absurd. I mean, an Ice cream cone? A BAG of GARBAGE? But then I remembered some of the most interesting Pokemon of gen 1: Muk? Koffing? Hitmonchan / Lee? Mr. Mime? Jynx? Voltorb? Magnemite? I mean what were these things?

    I've since learned to appreciate the unique designs of Gen V. In every other respect (except the removal of Pokemon following you and the quick touch-screen menu), the BW games are indisputably better than the previous ones. The awesome storylines, the gorgeous (in DS standards) 3D cutscenes, the exciting battles with Pokemon that actually move! Gen 5 brought so many welcome changes to the series, despite the things it lacked, that I've learned to love it like I did Gen 1.

    Where else could they really have gone with Pokemon? I mean, more recolours of animals like Squirtle? I'd rather have unique, original designs than gen 1 part 2.
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