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    Hello juan, Kirito-kun, and SomariFeyWright!

    Juan and Kirito-kun, I'll happily add you two to the roster as soon as you add a little tidbit to your posts from the rules ;P

    SomariFeyWright, Friends of Mineral Town is a great game! My first game was Save the Homeland but because of its gameplay it doesn't really count as a standard HM game. Friends of Mineral Town was my favorite standard game, and it's definitely one of the best ones in the entire series, imo c:

    The farthest I've gotten in Friends of Mineral Town was to about Year 4 in my very first save file, but I was still pretty new so my fields were still a mess and I didn't have the requirements to propose, despite having Karen at a red heart xc

    I picked up More Friends of Mineral Town (the girl version) when it came out and I was more successful in that game by far, I got to Year 5 and married Cliff, and had a daughter named Marie c: