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    Pokémon Times

    General Information:
    -Language: Spanish
    -Rom Base: Fire Red
    -Pokémon of the 5th-gen. (1 Fake)
    -New Region (Anduria)
    -New Protagonist, Rivals, graphics, etc..

    Long ago there was a small region located in South America called "Anduria" one of the richest regions in both natural resources like natural diversity, starting from the south and tropical rainforests, extending to the Andes north with towering snowy mountains to huge and impressive heights. Anduria turns left in the center of South America's so called "Heart of South America" but also was the perfect target for enemy nations, which basically around her. These natural resources sought Anduria had. The Pokémon and humans lived in peace and complete harmony, until they reached the dark days, and the war began. The nations surrounding Anduria had a devastating army, had a high number of Pokémon developed. Anduria looked very near its end as its army was very poor and underdeveloped. Anduria's army began recruiting people, at least one man from each family was in listed in the war.

    In one of the neighborhoods of Anduria lived a young coach of 15 years, alone with his mother, because his father had died in previous wars. He was the best in town, overcame anyone with his loyal Growlithe, which was willing to do anything beside his coach. When recruiting people, the mother offers to go to war instead of the boy, but the boy saw that the only thing left in the world is his mother, and decides to escape with Growlithe enlist in the war.

    Being in the barracks before going to the front the boy receives a letter and a package from his mother. The letter said:

    My son, who drives these times of which we live, and we must pass. We are so far apart and feel the cold in my bones skin, cold skin cortajea us both. But I hope to see you soon is what brings me to write these lines and give you my strength.
    At home things go as usual, you're not alone and eventually makes us eternal. I sent something to never forget that your mother will always be by your side giving its heat.
    I pray that you come back soon.

    Your Mother.

    The boy opens the package and finds collar, that was the necklace her mother had used since he could remember, a piece of string adorned with bright red stones like ruby. The boy tearfully put it around his neck and climbed into the truck bound for the battlefield.

    In the battlefield witnessed the last stand of Anduria (the last battle). The enemy's army Anduria exceeded in number, the guy next to Growlithe fought and did what he could, thinking to defend his people, his mother, his friends, but that was not enough, a large and fearsome Metagross attacked the boy and let Growlithe and wounded on the ground. The boy could only see how all the resistance began to fall, at the time the battlefield was covered with thick fog and a celestial glow brightness, was the legendary Articuno, who lived in the mountains of the Andes and calling to Zapdos and Moltres, the three legendary birds were out to defend their home, but the enemy was ready for anything, at that time the enemy battalions sent electrical and rock formed by many Electivire, Luxray, Manectric, Onix, Golem and Tyranitar. The legendary birds fought but the enemy was too numerous and lengthy fights within the birds fell wounded, but the fight did not end there legendary birds reside more help at that moment when the hills are seen jumping and Raikou Entei Suicune who had heard the cry of pain of the legendary birds and had come to his aid. The legendary beasts (Entei Suicune and Raikou) along with legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres) managed to push back the enemy a bit, but the enemy did not give up and command more troops to the battlefield. Everything seemed fine but the enemy would use his last resort, use the most powerful Pokemon. The enemy will stop attacking and calm.

    The war seemed to be over when a child goes flying towards the battle front, Mewtwo was the secret weapon of the enemy, who threw his psychic powers to weaken one by one legendary beasts and birds, so no one seemed near you Mewtwo made a face. But a sphere touches came bouncing between the hills and showed a small Pokémon was Mew which inhabits the Andes and had come to quell once and for all this fight, and the fight began between mew and mewtwo, both are smashing each other with each attack destroyed everything a little more, then their energies collided and mowed a big bang at all. Mew and Mewtwo were unconscious but the enemy still standing, not caring Mewtwo decides to attack with everything at the moment all our soldiers knew that the battle was lost but the boy stood up and without a word took off the collar of his mother and Growlithe put it on, it instantly evolved being that the necklace was made of stone fire. The boy Arcanine amount and said "all the way mate, mom will be waiting for dinner" Arcanine ran towards the enemy. Could only be seen as the enemy to pieces our hero and his arcanine until the two fell to the ground, lifeless. Silence reigned at that time all the soldiers and cried Anduria Pokémon brave thing to do.
    Mew was aware of what was going on and as protector of the world calls Pokémon Arceus, this appears in a flash magnificent, seeing Arceus noble act gives life to Arcanine, this coat turns white as the moon, waking enraged to see his own on the ground, ensuring Arceus charges them the peace of this world, and turns in a legendary pokemon Arcanine assigning that task. Arcanine understand and stop the war with the enemy away Arceus. The god Pokémon uses the last of his strength to revive the boy, he opens his eyes and he was in the back of arcanine, the boy thought he was dreaming, jumping hills Arcanine whole Arcanine unwittingly had brought back to his home , the guy under the loin and a touch more hiso his Arcanine, this just felt it was a farewell, Arcanine turned around and took a big jump in the fog, the boy entered his home and found his mother the two told the boy crying "Mom war ended, he achieved" and she said "What matters is that you're here, I've been waiting here for dinner."

    Nobody knew what happened at the end with the boy or his mother, or as it was called, people just remember the guy who ran with his Arcanine to death, and rose a white Arcanine that ended the war to create peaceful future. It is said that the White Arcanine even cares Anduria region and looking for a tamer of a heart as pure as that of its former owner, never saw him again, sometimes only a silhouette jumping from hill to hill, until he the moon and the mist.

    Long after the war, a child born in the region called Anduria NEBB, and when he was a small child, and all children loved playing with Pokémon and enjoy childhood, but he had a very rare disease in the lungs that let him breathe, as time passed his illness worsened, the village doctor said NEBB was about 3 months old until your lungs are closed, NEBB's parents cried and did not know to do. Until one day NEBB was playing with his stuffed snorlax in and saw a white Pokémon out of the fog and just hopped on the hills, that Pokémon NEBB loved it closely resembled a Arcanine, only this was lost in the fog and snow, he drew whenever he could, or at least he tried. 2 Months after NEBB was very delicate, his parents took him to the hospital but on the way he lost consciousness and stopped breathing, suddenly appears NEBB pokémon that had seen before and this seemed to be attacking their parents, but what NEBB wanted was approaching, his parents were afraid that hurt him, he could not handle. The Pokémon take it with her ​​teeth but NEBB's parents were surprised to see that I catch pokémon delicately put it in front of them and just blow gently, and formed a thick fog, NEBB began breathing, was miraculously cured, hair color change black to white. His parents still grateful to that Pokémon to which they owe their lives to his son. NEBB now 15 and begins his tour of the region in which Anduria looking to become the champions Anduria, and that begins in town where Professor Livar Juno handed him his first pokemon.



    -Juno Village:

    -Route A:

    -Frost Tunnel:

    -Route "B":

    -Q'orpa Town:

    -1º Gym:

    -Route "C":

    Q'uilla Town:

    Route "E":

    Route "F":

    Row Forest:

    Route G:

    Tarapaya City:


    Pronto mas scans y mas Scripts
    Kurama Fuera[/B]

    (If I skip one tell me and edit)
    - Kyledove
    - Wesley
    - Alistair
    - Alucus
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