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I recently replayed all of Gen 3. I avoided repetitions as much as I could (only in LeafGreen, which I played last, did I choose Pokémon I had already used in other games) . FireRed and LeafGreen were leveled up in Pokémon XD before challenging the League for the second time. Also, in LeafGreen I replaced half of the team after getting the National Dex.

- Blaziken lv56
- Gardevoir lv54
- Magneton lv55
- Shiftry lv55
- Pelliper lv57
- Flygon lv53

- Swampert lv54
- Sableye lv53
- Armaldo lv53
- Breloom lv54
- Skarmory lv53
- Glalie lv53

- Sceptile lv56
- Altaria lv55
- Solrock lv56
- Camerupt lv57
- Sharpedo lv58
- Manectric lv59

- Charizard lv71
- Raichu lv71
- Rhydon lv70
- Gengar lv70
- Cloyster lv70
- Exeggutor lv70

- Blastoise lv71
- Raichu lv73
- Golem lv71
- Houndoom lv 72 (originally: Ninetales)
- Xatu lv 71 (originally: Hypno)
- Breloom lv70 (originally: Victreebel)
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