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    Originally Posted by metalflygon08 View Post
    I tacked together some guesses for new move animations. I'm not entirely up to snuff on the limitations of move hacking so some of these may not be possible.
    lol the only ones you guessed correctly are Nasty Plot, Psycho Cut, and Leaf Tornado and possibly Discharge. The move expansion was the first thing I worked on this hack, and I did all of them during September & October, so I don't really remember most of them. Also keep in mind that I made quite a few custom backgrounds, for instance, for Bullet Punch I simply used Mach Punch but with a custom steel background. Here are all of the backgrounds I've inserted:

    The ones with the Combee swarm and the blue and pink backgrounds right after that are in the ROM, but they won't be available in-game, because the Combee one is specifically for Attack Order, Heal Order, and Defend Order, and Vespiquen won't be in the game. The blue one is specifically for Roar of Time, and the pink one is specifically for Spacial Rend, but Dialga & Palkia won't be in the game either. The reason why I put in backgrounds that won't be available in-game is because DarkViolet is based off of this ROM base I made that has all these moves, and I plan on making sequels/sidequels to DarkViolet, and one of them will have Pokemon such as Vespiquen, Dialga, and Palkia.

    Also the second background won't be available in DarkViolet because its part of Aeroblast's new animation, and Lugia won't be in DarkViolet. But Lugia will definitely be in the planned sequel (DarkCrystal), so you'll be able to see the new Aeroblast there