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Update #2
-Beat Giovanni in Celadon.

-Easily took down Erika.

-Beat Koga, but forgot all about getting a screenie.
-Saved Silph Co. from Team Rocket and received a Master Ball.

-Beat Sabrina, avoided all the Gym Trainers because I'm lazy and painfully over leveled (but mainly because I'm lazy).

-Took down Blaine, but forgot how irritating Pokémon Mansion could be.

-Beat the Viridian Gym Leader, it was Giovanni (shock!).

-Beat all of the Elite Four.

-Defeated Dylan to become the Champion!

-Ending credits rolled, bravo me!

Undecided if I'll start on Crystal right away, I feel like playing through my Platinum or finishing White 2 before I start a new challenge. I really enjoyed the Leaf Green playthrough and can't wait for Crystal!
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