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    Originally Posted by Polizard View Post
    Miltank, I find this Pokemon not only bad but annoying, i think there is something in the games code that makes Whitney's Miltank really strong and hard to beat but any Miltank in your possession utterly useless i have used this Pokemon a few times in the past and i follow the same basic idea of Whitney, Attract, Rollout, Body Slam and Toxic. and despite having good stats it just does not hold up against other Pokemon.
    Many have complained about this, and I am no exception. I suspect that the discrepancy between Whitney's Miltank and any Miltank that one is likely to have at any given time arises from the fact that Whitney's is probably by a wide margin the most powerful Pokemon introduced by that point, in terms of both level and stats, but by the time one is able to get one's own Miltank, it's not at that high a level, more powerful Pokemon are available, and it grows slowly in terms of EXP.
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