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    Originally Posted by PikaSaiyan View Post
    Username: PikaSaiyan

    Hacking Skills: OW Spriter, Trainer Spriter, Mapper, Tile Artist, Music Inserter, Scripter.

    Applying as: OW Spriter & Trainer Spriter (Preferrably major charactors ie hero/heroine, rival, antagonist etc) maybe even Mapper or Music Inserter :3

    Proof: I've sent it to you via PM. The 15 post for links rule :( lol

    Timezone: PST (GMT - 8)

    Contact Info (I prefer MSN and PM's): PMs please =D
    I could have said this sooner but, yes you're in.

    Originally Posted by snivy7 View Post
    Hacking skills: mapping, spiriting, ow spriter, tile inserter
    Applying as:spriter,tile inserter or mapper
    Proof:I can send u some of my work if you want.
    Timezone:-Gmt(California,USA) 5:30
    Contact Info (I prefer MSN and PM's):Pm's
    Ok then send me those proof.