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Flint de Telarius- The Chariot

After Flint introduced himself and thrown a slight flirting comment, the girl began to glow with a distinctly red hue. Was she blushing that strongly? Her face became a tomato, something Flint had to keep from commenting or laughing at. It was a cute display, and it gave Flint a new hobby: seeing how red he could make her. An innocent, loving prank. The best kind.

"Uhm..." mutters the woman, her voice quiet and breaking up while her body turned away. "I-I... uhm..." she said, tripping up on her own words. How embarrassed was she? "I'm… I'm... Xo... xaa..."

"Xoxaa? What a beautiful name." Flint said with a bright smile. "A little difficult to pronounce though," Flint joked with an innocent laugh. Flint was trying to ease the tension, as Xoxaa seemed very…uncomfortable in the current situation.

Flint's attempt, however, was overwhelmed by the announcements. Felicita spoke about the events surrounding the attack on Regalo by the group of thieves, thanking everyone for their involvement in stopping the attack to their best of their abilities. Moreno was the prime suspect so far, a name that didn't much mean to Flint at the moment, largely because he didn't remember names unless he had or wanted to. If Flint needed to care, he would care then. Till then, he would prattle on doing his own thing. It is what he was most comfortable doing anyway. Felicita finished up her speech soon enough, introducing Nova. Flint could tell she was holding something back as she avoided eye contact with the crowd following her speech. Anyone could really see it, but it was a matter of who cared to notice. Flint noticed it and he didn't like it. There was more to the attack than that was begin led on. He would likely bring it up to Marcus later and let him worry about it. Flint didn't care enough to actually act on it…at least not yet.

Nova did not look well, meaning the rumors of his poor health were true. Flint wondered if he had enough life left in him to even finish a speech. After a violent cough, Nova was able to address the crowd before him: a new "Papa" for the family and a tournament was to be held to determine the new holder of the World's contract. Flint was a bit wide eyed on the announcement, being caught off guard. Flint, being a relative newcomer, did not know how the traditions of succession were handled, and it being handled in a tournament was certainly a novel way to handle it. Flint was certainly not a candidate to win the tournament, at least by his own credit. He did not see himself as a real leader. He was too irresponsible, too lazy and too reckless to lead something. But…to have a wish granted was certainly motivation enough to get him to care. And maybe…maybe he could a true calling in life in this tournament. And he could shed off his poor reputation within his own family, once and for all.

This inner realization left him blind, for a moment, to the last announcement: that someone was destined to fall. The Wheel of Fortune had begun to spin and whoever it landed on was going to die. Flint had, of course, hoped that he and his family were going to be freed from this fate. As much they bothered him, annoyed him and possibly even hated him, he cared for each member of his family more than he would care to admit. If he could somehow save them, Flint would do so. He hoped they would do the same for him.

The information was a bit overwhelming, but Flint was able to absorb everything and slowly put things into perspective. He knew what he wanted to do and the challenges he was going to face. It was just a matter of him preparing himself for it. It was going to be a test for Flint. Winning the tournament was not going to be easy.

After a brief sigh, Flint turned to his brother, Beck, who Flint barely noticed out of the corner of his eye. "Hey Beck. What took you so long? Marcus is looking for you, by the way. You may want to hide. I think he wants to scold you. You know, the usual."

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