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    Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
    Where does it say Game Freak made the announcement? I don't think that has been confirmed anywhere. I do hope you are right though, I just haven't seen that it was Game Freak that issued the statement.
    Which announcement are you referring to? The one where everyone accepts the Gen 6 idea? Or that something big is coming on January 8th?

    If the first one, a Magazine that posts Pokemon news printed that they got a Greeting Card saying that Gamefreak was furthering the "Evolution of the Pokemon World". It pretty much boils down to possible Gen 6 confirmation.

    If its the January thing, Junichi Matsuda posted on Twitter sometime early this month that he filmed an episode of Pokemon Smash (Which is airing on the 6th, not the 8th). Recently after an episode of Pokemon they showed a commercial saying that there was news coming out on January 8th.

    Honestly, I think that's just a longer sneak preview of the Opening episode to the new N/Plasma Arc which airs on the 17th since Smash is airing on the Sunday, 6th, and not on the 8th. Matsuda is going to be with one of his Programmers on the 6th as per Matsuda tweet.

    So now I don't think the January 8th Announcement is anything other than a longer clip for the episode to air on the 17th or a better Movie Preview.