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Ancient Pokemon fanclub :D? I'm in :3! Indiana Jones rox da hell <3.

Name:Rainbow Arcanine
Partner Pokemon:

Partner's Nickname: Abidan

Your Trainer Sprite: Jasmine

Why do you like Ancient things?: Ancient Pokemon, aaaaahhhh <333. For one, they are based off some amazing creatures, such as Aerodactyl taking the form of a pterodactyl this magnificent flying dinosaur:


They have some great typings and are difficult to find as some of them you have to dig up a fossil and then go through the process of turning it into a real-living Pokemon, which makes it more special from an ordinary Pokemon you'd find in the wild. They also have some really sleek and brilliant designs, I doubt there's one Ancient Pokemon I don't love c:.

Why did you join the club? How do you like Ancients things in Pokémon? Like mythologies and all?

I joined the club for my everlasting love of the brilliant Ancient Pokemon <333. I've loved how Pokemon didn't all come into the world at the same time and some are older than others, but it also fascinates me why Pokemon never one species has became extinct. Nothing about an extinct Pokemon is ever mentioned within the games is that just me ;___;? But yeah how the one Pokemon doesn't evolve to have a more complex build (not like Anorith evolving to Armaldos, but growing a new limb or something), is sort of unrealistic and caught my interest :3.
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