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Fighting Ultimate Challenge Johto Update #2
^Watched Lyra catch a pokemon...TWICE.... (Why do we ALWAYS have to watch this?? It lowers my self confidence...... not really, but its boring.)
^Got the Pokeballs
^Checked my map to see how close I was to route 42..... next route please. (Meaning that I am nowhere near it.)
^Checked to see if I was anywhere near any fighting type pokemon. The only close one was Heracross which I have to have Headbutt to get to.....
^Finding a Fighting Type is going to be hard.
^If I can get a Drowzee, and teach it Headbutt then I can get Heracross
^Got past were my game froze when I cheated in Heracross.
^Went into Violet City
^Went on to Route 36
^Went through the Ruins of Alph
^Went to Route 32
I dont think I can do this challenge anymore in Johto...... Johto hates me, so I will hate it.
Going to skip Johto and come back later. It is my least favorite region after all.
Fighting Ultimate Challenge Hoenn Update #1
The Johto update above explains itself.
Ahhhh. Feels good being in my favorite region, Hoenn!!

^Started Emerald on my VBA
^Went through all the beginning stuffs (ALL of it as you'll see next)
^Chose Torchic as my starter (Combusken and Blaziken are Fighting Types!!! YAY no more hunting for years for one.)
^Beat down Zigzagoon
^Went to the Lab
^Nicked Torchic BlazinFury
^Set out to go meet May
^Lost to May??????????????????????
^That was the most shameful battle of my life.
^Headed back to her to WIN THIS TIME
^Lost again.... (Mudkip hit twice in a row?????)
^Went back to defeat her once and for all!!
^Trained a bit first
^Went back to the lab
^Got my Pokedex
^Got 5 Pokeballs
^Got my Running Shoes
^Headed out towards Petalburg
^Talked to my dad
^Met Wally
^Taught Wally to catch a Pokemon
^Brought Wally back to the Gym
^Went out to Petalburg Woods
^Made my way through Petalburg Woods


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