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<> // Cherrygrove City
"Yeah, but I think I'm lost? Want to walk together?" The girl asked, tucking her hands into her pockets. Now that he could see her face, she was quite... well, beautiful was how he would put it. She seemed around the same age as real-life Sophie but far more attractive, with her dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair. The only thing that confused Birdie was that although her appearance, her clothes (high heels? In a game where you had to do a lot of walking?) and her atmosphere screamed strong, independent and confident, her attitude seemed the opposite. Maybe the person behind the avatar was actually a young girl or something. It didn't matter too much, Birdie would have helped her out regardless.

"Sure," Birdie smiled, nodding politely. Her Nidoran seemed to disagree though, jumping from her arms to growl at Todo. Todo didn't do much but stare (stare? Could he stare? He had no eyes...) back down at the Nidoran. Did he have an aggressive personality? Birdie made a nervous face and stepped back from the Nidoran, afraid it might pounce or attack despite Todo's calm demeanour. He wasn't sure about the PvP rules in this game. Did they have to initiate a battle or did it just... happen? "Uuh... heh?"

"I'm sorry, he's usually not like this! Anyway, we should get going if you know the way?"

"Yeah, I think so," Birdie kept his eyes on the Nidoran, looking back up to the girl, trying his best to keep his smile positive. When he was satisfied the Nidoran was not going to bite his face off, he stepped around it and slowly led the girl into Route 30. She seemed all too happy to follow him. "My name is Birdie, by the way."

It felt pretty weird leading the way for Birdie, being someone who always took orders and never gave them. Actually, something that had never occurred to Sophie was that now that she was a boy, did Birdie have to show the courtesies that Sophie received (or at least wished to receive)? Birdie kept forgetting that, yes, he was not the same gender as Sophie was in the real world, since it didn't really feel all that different. Apart from a slight shift in weight from the torso and something a little different on his lower half, Birdie felt completely normal.

The grass seemed not as far away as last time, though that might have been because Vinny spent his time trying to find those silly Berries. It felt just as scary but Birdie held onto his nerve. Like last time, he had someone with him! He took his first step a little more confidently but it didn't take six or so steps to find a Pokémon, it only took three.

"Gah!" this one was different from last time but at least he didn't fall over it. Instead of an angry Caterpie, a rather placid Hoothoot pecked at Birdie's feet. He took a step back and let Todo off his shoulder. He would try a strategy, like last time. "Okay Todo, use Supersonic!"

Todo let out a squeal at the Hoothoot, those eerie sound waves zipping through the air at the Hoothoot. It wasn't exactly like last time though; the owl lazily dodged it and sent its own waves at Todo. Wait, Hoothoot couldn't learn Supersonic... could it? Oh, wait!!

"Aah! Quick Todo, dodge it, dodge it!" Todo obeyed, darting away from the waves. Yeah, falling asleep right now would be bad. Since Todo was Birdie's only Pokémon, that would probably mean instant death. And instant death made Birdie want to run away very quickly right now. "Bite!!"

Todo attached its mouth onto the Hoothoot, making it cry very loudly in pain. It retaliated with a shake and launched itself at Todo, knocking him back. That must have been a Tackle! Dammit, how much health did Todo have? Birdie quickly brought up his menu to check his Pokémon stats and it seemed... that Todo was down about a third and Hoothoot just a little bit more than that. This was no time to mess around then. Birdie wanted to run away so bad but one, his legs were glued to the grass he stood on and two, if he ran away, maybe the Hoothoot would just follow them.

"Bite again, please!"

The Zubat mimicked his last move and the Hoothoot's health fell to the early red zone. This was when you threw the PokéBall, right? Birdie quickly selected it from his menu as the Hoothoot attacked again, Todo's health just hitting orange. Then, hardly thinking of aim or anything, Birdie pegged the ball at the owl, hitting it square in the chest. With a small hoot, it dissolved into a red light and was sucked into the ball.

Once... twice... three times... caught!

"I... I did it! We did it, Todo!!" Birdie grabbed his partner and hugged him as best as he could. A pop-up menu broke up their victory embrace, showing the stats and level and gender of the Hoothoot.
>>Would you like to give a nickname to your Hoothoot?
"Yes!" Birdie tapped in the first thing that came to his head.
"Wow..." Birdie stared at his new Pokémon for a minute before he realised he was meant to be helping someone. "Oh, sorry. Would it... could I ask we go back to heal our Pokémon please... um, sorry, what was your name, miss?"
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