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    Originally Posted by -Lapras-
    All of his powers were supposed to have merged. I still think he's going to have some mask form, when he was trapped in that barrier a couple of months ago that "blood" on his face looked more like a mask forming to me.
    That's not the way I read it...
    Ichigo's Zanpakuto Spirit and Inner Hollow merged when he was performing Jinzen to obtain Final Getsuga Tensho.
    After he used FGT against Aizen, his powers completely disappeared.
    Then Ichigo somehow used Fullbringer powers by utilizing his old Substitute Soul Reaper badge.
    After Ginjo took away his Fullbringer powers, Rukia gave him Soul Reaper powers again.
    So right now Ichigo only has Soul Reaper powers.
    Although, Kubo recently hinted that Ichigo might also have dormant Quincy powers.
    Neither his Fullbringer or potential Quincy powers have been explained, but my are theorizing that both are related to his mother.

    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama
    Hey guys, just wondering. If you could pick two Bakudo, two Hado, and two Arrancar abilities to learn, if Soul Reapers, Hollows, Arrancars, etc. were real, which ones would you pick for going into battle with Gillian-class Hollows?
    Do we pick two Kido and two Arrancar abilities, or two kido or two Arrancar abilities?
    Since we haven't had a discussion topic in a while, maybe I'll use this one.
    Since I tend to use my Soul Reaper character more, I'd probably go with two Kido techniques.
    I'm quite fond of Bakudo #63:Sajo Sabaku, but #61:Rikujokoro would probably be more effective.
    I could mix Hado #54:Haien with my shikai abilities to make a pretty devastating attack.