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    Hello and welcome to the One Piece fan club on Pokecommunity Forums, Kirito-kun!

    Manga 694
    Oh man, so many feels in this chapter. >.<

    I feel a little bad for Monet.
    Law is a pretty sneak bastard, definitely Chessmaster material.

    I'm sure there's a Trope for a big bad (Doflamingo) coming to the battle field (Punk Hazard) in person, but I can't think of it at the moment.
    What the heck is he even riding on?! o.0
    I'm on the virtual edge of my seat, wondering what'll happen next.

    Originally Posted by Derozio
    Chapter 693 - "Please Die":

    And Franky's really holding off B5&Buffalo! He's suuuuper strong, as I thought! :D I mean, holding off two of Dofla's personal crew members? That's gotta be a hard task. But Suuuper General Franky does it no problem! :D
    Well we don't know what Baby 5 and Buffalo's bountries are, but I'd imagine that they're not small fries.
    I'm lovin' this battle. It's great to get to see Franky getting serious in a battle again.