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    Cheren was thinking hard. I move here? Maybe here would be better...Or maybe this is a better move...He was engaged in an epic battle of wits against Hilda.

    In a few minutes...


    Who won you ask? Let us see...

    "Whooohooo!! Yeah!! I won! I beat the unbeatable Cheren in his own game!!"

    Does that answer your question?

    Cheren sweatdropped at his friend's antics. She danced around, expressing her happiness in the defeat of her friend in his speciality.

    "I wouldn't say unbeatable..." He replied

    "Yeah! Now you'll have to buy me eight pints of ice cream."

    "Ugh." He already felt his wallet go light...


    "I wanna challenge you to another 5 games of chess!" Hilda shouted

    "I'm busy. Maybe later." Replied the gym leader.

    "But I'm not available later."

    "I'm not available right now."

    "Please, please please please....with a Cherrim on top?" She pleaded with puppy dog eyes

    "Alright," he sighed, defeated "Yay!!!"

    "Let's make things more interesting... when I win, you buy me eight pints of ice cream if I beat you at least once. If I lose them all, I give you my five last Ultra Balls."

    'Ultra Balls....' he thought

    Then...three hours of grueling chess games.

    Flashback end

    Cheren then walked home with Hilda, pocket feeling significantly lighter...

    "Hey Cheren?" She asked


    "Want another round? Same stakes."
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