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    may I join? Here's my character for the RP.

    Side: Gold Tribe
    Name: Accatosh Coronis
    Gender: male
    Age: 21
    Title: Blitzkrieg
    Pokémon Species: Salamence
    Appearance: A green bodied Salamence with red; wings, brow, and under-neck and under-tail he has a scar on his left wing from fighting Auron on his own

    Personality: a kind, noble, honorable, and humble warrior, who is rather quiet, but will fight and if need be die for the greater good. He is a bit of a hot head however and has a knack for charging in to battle and is often impossible to be stopped, hence his title. When he’s angry he has a tendency to show by letting a small amount of fire out of his mouth and smoke out of his nose… when his rage is overflowing he may jump into action, either attacking a nearby object or going after the Pokémon that ticked him off and getting even. He’s a strong believer in justice and right, he will however extend mercy at times letting many off with a menacing warning. He has a deep love for his fellow Pokémon and for the other members of the Gold tribe. He will often try to stop fights rather than start them. He prefers to not fight with others unless it is for the defense of others; he has a deep hatred for evil that will often come out when fighting. One may find him breathing deeply and calming his mind. He prefers piece of mind and sees people for who they are inside, he enjoys flying because it allows him to see the beauty of the world from a different angle than most Pokémon get to see. Once someone has earned his loyalty, he is loyal through and through, even if it would kill him. He wants to share the beauty provided by the skies with his brothers but that will have to wait until this war is over. He focuses on the tasks given to him and works until he completes them. He enjoys a little friendly competition when he can.


    Pre Gold tribe: as a young Begon he was easy going and friendly, as he grew older he became rather aggressive and easily enraged. his family would often have to find a psychic type Pokémon to help him control his anger, and they settled on an Alakazam to help. As Accatosh grew older and continued working with the Alakazam, he gained more and more control over his anger and had found a way to focus it into whatever he was doing. He became a Salamence much quicker than any of his kin ever have. He found competitive sky racing to be a particularly good way to take care of stress and anger. As he trained to be a better sky racer He became slightly more adventurous and competitive as he grew and learned more. He became well known for being one of the top three fastest sky racers in Valkaria. His fame is now long forgotten, he still however holds a record for the Cape City Sky Race. He joined the Gold Tribe at eighteen

    Gold Tribe: During his time at the Gold Tribe Academy he learned many different combat styles. He went through Rigorous training that tested his physical and mental strength. The training was brutal, sometimes he would return to his training chambers cut and bruised to the point where he could barley move, but the rewards were outstanding, he learned that he had more strength than he realized and he learned that he could take a powerful hit and still bounce back up to fight. The Pokémon training him didn’t let up one bit, they pushed him beyond normal physical and mental endurance into a new area of endurance that would. Making it take nearly forever to tire him out. When he Graduated from the Academy, he was greeted by the other members of the Gold Tribe with open arms, to show his graduation he was given a golden forleg band to commemorate his achievements. in the times of peace he worked hard to maintain the peace and defend other Pokémon when needed. Just after he turned twenty the Silver Tribe’s invasion started. Accatosh was one of the first to respond, he fought Auron of the Silver Tribe and was overwhelmed causing him to retreat, he hated himself for it. In his retreat his leg band was dropped, a black burn mark on one side. After that defeat he went missing, and was thought to be dead. This gave him a chance to practice and train so that next time he battled Auron… It would be Auron retreating, with his tail between his legs.

    Moveset: Draco Meteor, Dragon Rage, Fire Blast, Fly, Protect, Giga Impact

    RP sample: Accatosh Woke up in the Korhal Mountains curled up with the tip of his tail in front of his face. He slowly stood up feeling his muscles take his weight with ease. He felt his stomach growl from hunger as he stretched himself out, first his legs and back, then his neck and tail, and finally his wings, as he extended his wings he felt a slight jolt of pain coming from the muscles that were still sore from his long flight. He walked over to the few nearby fruit trees that were in the foothills of the mountains, once he got to the trees he picked a variety of berries, apples, and other fruits. He found a nice spot in the orchard to lay down and eat, he laid down and began eating the apples, he mentally decided to save the berries for something important. He then ate the rest of his meal, stuffing the berries into a leather pouch he had tied to his neck; the pouch was the perfect size for him to stick his head into to eat. His hiding place was easily hidden and overlooked this allowed him to wander as he would in the area without the fear of being spotted. He collected some more fruits and put them into his bag, he thought for a moment and decided to head out of this hidden place and have a look around. He climbed out of the cove that was his hiding place and flew to one of the peaks and was surprised at what he saw… he saw cities burned to rubble, villages destroyed, he smelled death in the air, and heard the cries of Pokémon all over the nation in pain, terrible pain. He winced at the thought of their pain. He closed his eyes feeling his rage surface, without much of a thought he released a Draco Meteor into the sky, it arched high enough to be seen all around then exploded, bombarding the ground with fragments of itself, leaving craters wherever they hit. Well that didn’t go as planned, he thought to himself, oh well, my time for hiding is long over, time to rejoin the fight and show Auron true power. He thought smiling to himself as he took to the skies in search of other Gold Tribe members and rejoin the fight for Freedom and for the Alpha Alliance.
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