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It's great to have blurry and out-of-focus pictures, by all means. However, some of your unfocused pictures just look messy. Not anything bad, but it would be a bit more interesting if I could make out a tiny bit of what's going on. Give the audience a bit of intrigue - you still have the noise effect, but they now wonder a bit where and what this picture is about rather than "omg colors". Same goes for silhouettes if you ever get into that stuff.

And the "splatter" pictures, give us a little background. Where was this? What caused the stain? What might it be? I understand where you're coming from, but looking at white splotches alone is something to be forgotten. Try widening your range of focus (most digital cameras have this option, phones don't) just a bit so we have a bit of an idea where we are.

Oh, and while we're at it, try using a lower ISO when you can and should. The noise (the random pixels of bright colors on black) are the result of using a higher ISO. On film, this turns out grainy and can be sometimes cool, but on digital cameras it generally just makes it look unprofessional.

I love eccentric pictures, don't gt me wrong, but there's a thin line between "innovative" and "messy".

All in all, just practice more. You'll find your style in no time!
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