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Name:Kazuto Kirito
Personality:Kazuto is a plain,collected,calm,polite,nice guy.A little stubborness is added to his personality,he is also a little bit lazy.Kazuto is a good athlete which is one of the main things that makes him move more.
History:Kazuto escaped in his once loved city,Jubilife city.Knowing where to go he managed to get to Mt. Coronet and get his own pokespirit.Then he quickly set off a journey towards a place he knows where he can rest:Children's city (a.k.a Hearthome city)
Personality:Kazuto fused with a dragonite spirit,being calm,collected and a little bit naughty.Kazuto found his perfect pokespirit for him.
Moves:Thunder,Iron Tail,Fireblast,Draco Meteor,Protect and Giga Impact
Opening Post:It was dawn, the breeze flew calmly. All the tree's in the forest leave's flew past him as he was getting closer to Children's city"Wait a minute,i can fuse with my pokespirit to get a little faster to Children's city"He thought to himself.So he fused with his spirit and flew up into the sky."Now this is more like it!"He said with a smile on his face
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