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    I felt really negative about the new games around DP.
    I didn't like the pokemon in that one (many of them are just ugly or weird), and the story didn't really suck me in.
    Because of this, I didn't really take Black as seriously as I could have at the time. By the time BW2 came around, I gave Black a shot and totally fell head over heels in love with pokemon all over again.
    I've grown up with pokemon, and have at least one game of every gen right now. When I started looking at Pokemon (black, namely) as an actual game I quite enjoyed it.

    I personally loved the changes, such as unlimited TM use, Dream world and Key system. (although there's always the 'pokemon are getting too weird thing' which I understand and the sprites/3d effects/ etc. feel kinda foreign) I especially loved the improvements in storytelling in BW and BW2, and due to those I can't wait for what comes next (But of course, Fingers crossed for RSE remakes, that was my favourite gen)
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