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Originally Posted by Umbreon3055 View Post

Started game
Chose snivy
Did all the prof. J stuff
Went to accumula town
Battled N
Went to striaton city
Got the panpour
Put panpour in pc
Beat gym #1
Did all the fennel stuff
Went to wellspring cave
CAUGHT DRILLBUR party member#1
Put snivy in pc
Went to nacrene city
CAUGHT TYMPOLE party member #2

Team Quake:

Drillbur (Toshiba) Lv. 16
Fury swipes
Metal claw
Mud slap

Tympole (Marinus) Lv. 14
Good luck in your challenge man :D

Originally Posted by Ellipsai View Post
Can I try this?
Type: Ice
Challenge: Single
Game(s): Platinum

(also, If anyone has any reccomendations for this, It would be appreciated, I might have to AR a poke in maybe?)
You are going to find it hard in this challenge, Mainly because there are only like 2 ice types you can get in Platinum and 1 you have to trade in I think. Which means you will need to hack in a Glaceon to complete your challenge.

Flint is going to be tough on you! :D
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