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    Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
    Anyway, here's something I made. it's named Cliffshire Woods:
    I haven't mapped for nearly a year now, this is my first attempt after my break. It isn't in a game yet, that's why I haven't used the right length for the borders at the edges.
    I'd have to say its definitely got that natural look to it however there are a few things I disagree with for this map. One those shrubs dotted around you map don't fit in very well they stand out too easily and are definitely more of a city object. Secondly try using less tree types having three is great but it make it more difficult for an environment to be recognized keep the large 3x3 tree and the 1x3 tree because they can work together. I like the concept of the caves very well done they are situated just perfectly for the location and you haven't gone overboard with the number of entrances. Lastly is the dirt paths, this is something you have both good and bad attributes to the good is that it is directive and shows what it needs to. Unfortunately the path doesn't seem right near three of you cave entrances the bottom-right was fine. They were to thin and seemed incorrect but as a minor factor its not something to truly worry about.

    Overall I give you an 8.7/10 this is an impressive map and if you make a game with this in I want to play that game this was very well done and presented with a natural feel. Well Done.

    Now onwards to one of my submission this is a town I built a while ago and I think I should just show it to get people's opinion


    Name: Bouldes City

    Name: Aquilus City

    Name: Noirail City

    Name: Route 165

    Game: N/A
    Rom: FireRed

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