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    I found a forum post that really gave me food for thought:

    In the anime, we have seen many Pokémon be disobedient to their trainers. However, should there be a line drawn in terms of a Pokémon not listening to its trainer in an official battle like a Pokémon League/Gym Battle, Contest/Grand Festival or a smaller tournament like Don George or the Junior World Cup?

    I mean in some battles it is possible for an out of control Pokémon to actually do more harm than good in terms of beating the opponent. In some instances, it is possible for bystanders to actually get hurt during the battle.

    Remember Mamoswine being tossed into the Judges’ booth during the contest battle between Dawn and James dressed up as Jesselina in the DP series?

    Luckily, the audience wasn’t hurt during Dragonite’s outburst after being hit from Dragon Claw because that rampage could have really did some damage. Like Infernape’s Blaze during the 8th gym match in DP it nearly destroyed the arena with its Flamethrower.

    Charizard napping caused Ash to lose in the Indigo League so that is one example of a league not taking disobedient Pokemon lightly. However, that battle with Richie was basically a free for all with neither trainer really giving commands save for Butterfree using Sleep Powder on Squirtle.

    So, what do you think should a trainer be disqualified because their Pokemon doesn’t listen to it?

    Minus attacks like Thrash, Outrage, etc. that “naturally” cause a Pokemon to act out of control.
    And I'm inclined to agree with him. Hell, the only reason this isn't so in the actual Anime is because (all together now) the writers says so.

    So what are your thoughts on all this?