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I was thinking about "Pokemon's Physic" in the game and so I've developed some theories:

1) WATER AND ICE POKEMON: according with the nature Ice is just water in solid form, so i don't understand this distinction at all, anyway I think that all the Ice pokemons should have Water as second type to be fair

2)POCK AND STEEL POKEMON: I know that stell is different from a rock but the rocks are unions of different kind of mineral so I think that Steel is a type too specific, so it shouldn't exist xD. Also Fire type attacks should be super-effective aganist rock pokemons because every mineral has is melting point, this fact is stressed by some descriptions in the TCG :

3) NORMAL AND FLYING POKEMONS: Normal type represent . . . ? I don't find a reason why this type should exist, I mean it isn't super-effective aganist anybody, and the Normal Pokemon (witj the exception of some) are weak.
Another strange fact is that all the "birds" Pokemons have "Normal" as second type, why? i really really don't understand this, what they have in common an eagle (Pidgeot) with an annoying mouse (Raticate)? Nothing. In the real world birds eat mouse.

4) DARK AND GHOST POKEMON: as for the prevoius points: it's sure that a ghost is supposed to live in dark places, so Ghost type shouldn't exist ( I don't hate Ghost pokemon, because i like Gengar, but I'm just saying that the type is irrational)

5) PHSYCIC POKEMON: According with the Enlightened thinkers "man can overcome doubt and modify reality as he want trusting in his reason and common sense" (xD) the Phsycic type represent the power of the mind so they should be super-effective aganist all the Type, because man managed to controll all the elements, to find an antidote for all the poisons, to catch all the bugs/birds and to illuminate the dark places.

6) LIGHT TYPE POKEMON: I believe it would be very nice (and more rational) if there were any light type pokemon; their attacks shoul be super-effective aganist Dark type and also they would be different from Elettric Pokemon because electricity dosen't mean light, just think about the sun; (some examples of this type: Sunkern Evolution line/ Ho-Oh/ Solrock/ Clefairy Evolution line/ Togepi Evolution line and others . . .)

7) HM SURF AND FLY: How is possible meet/fish a pokemon in the water if (according with the game) it can't swim because he hasn't learned surf? I know it would be a huge disadvantage but the HM Surf shouldn't exist, in my opinion to swim in the pools of water all you need is a water pokemon in your team and the relative badge. Same thing for the flying pokemon

8) DRAGON POKEMON: The english word "Dragon" come from another latin word "Draco, onis" which was used to indicate a huge reptile ok?
then just look at Charizard, Feraligatr, Scyther, Aerodactyl, Tyranitar then look at Vibrava and Altaria evolution line; so we have that a Grasshopper and a cloud-bird are considered "huge reptiles" by the GameFreak. Uhmm . . . an interesting point of view for sure!

9) WILD STARTERS: I mean where does the Prof.Oak (and the others) catch this Pokemon? In my opinion the starters are the prototypes of the perfect pokemon built in the Laboratory, and so they are very powerful; this explains why they are only 3 and also why the Prof. of every region keeps for himself one of them

10) MALE KANGASKHAN: I think that it should be exist Male kangaskhan too, otherwise the reproduction is impossible;
also their pre-evolution shoul be present according with this image

Sorry for the grammar errors and also for the log post xD

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