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The Meek Mage

Name: Tamor Bellfiend

Age: 27 | Gender: "Male" | Race: Half-Dwarf/Half-Elf | Country of Origin: Raelus |
Side: Knights of Ekilore | Weapon Preference: Divine Magic → Healing Magic |
Other: A Hawk named Niolas follows her around |

In an attempt to fool anyone who takes a look at her Tamor has dressed herself in clothes that can't reveal her gender identity. For those who might be a bit too curious Tamor wears a zinc white (color of the lighter background) Mage Hood to obscure their view of her hair, facial features, and eyes. It is made of the finest silk that her mother could buy her and lucky for Tamor her mother doesn't know how dirty it gets. The hood is always up and the material it's made of just barely reaches over her shoulders. Not usually seen, but her eyes are golden yellow in color and are always avoiding contact. If anyone were to get within grabbing distance and pull down her hood it would reveal most of her thick, dark hair was pulled back (but covers her pointy ears) and put into several braids that drape over both shoulders. She wears an indigo tattered robe that travels down to her feet, which often causes her to stumble in front of others. An insignia of her mother's guild from Raelus has been sewn in across her back a decision Tamor regrets getting but nonetheless it made her mother proud.

There's a plain, boring white t-shirt she wears beneath her robes. If she could forge armor as sturdy like her father could she would indeed wear it, her skills in that department are lacking to say the least. Under the shirt is a small amount of material that is wrapped around her chest to conceal them from being noticeable in her robe. She wears a pair of black combat boots with purple laces that keep them glued to her feet.

Underneath all of the mounds of material lay a scrawny frame almost malnourished. As a result of Tamor's motto, "Eat when the job is done!" unfortunately for her she rarely gets the job in less than twenty-four hours. Without putting on a facade Tamor's real lineage becomes questionable to others that view her. She has ears traditionally known to the elven race but her head itself is shaped like that of the dwarven race, small and round. Thus it is easier for her to pull off being a fully dwarf than it a fully female elf. Even with her dwarf heritage Tamor is tall enough to still tower over her father. The Divine Magic has helped her to stay looking youthful so that she doesn't look like a mage who is almost 30 years old.

Her hesitation and cautious nature keeps her from forming bonds with other people that may want to interact with her. In fact, she avoids speaking in order to assure that her identify isn't ruined. She tends to keep her head down in order to avoid conversation that might occur if she happens to make eye contact with a person. Tamor doesn't want to be a disappointment to anyone else and fears they might have higher expectations than she can fulfill. If she can stay in the background and avoid unnecessary or perhaps even necessary conversation long enough everyone can forget about her existence like her parents have. Tamor is very secretive and sensitive when it comes to her genealogy. When it comes down to it she’s willing to do anything to keep those around here form finding out. It comes as an embarrassment; it is was always something she was taught to hide. Her only claim is to those that follow Tella not to the Dwarves or Elves. The evasiveness even goes as her dressing as a male to avoid potential questions. Tamor learned early that people tended to question males a lot less than they did females, which aided in her decision to pretend to be a male.

Like her Dwarf brethren she gravitates towards shiny things but for her it's more shiny personalities. She likes people who have a flare for the dramatics or tell one too many jokes (she tends to laugh at every single one of them). It's almost as if the shiny personalities take her mind off her own problems even if it's only for a second she thoroughly enjoys every time she meets someone like that. When faced with verbal conflict she is one to avoid it if at all possible but if she's faced with something she can't escape it becomes something she can't cope with and she'll leash out. In an actual fight she doesn't have the bravery to approach a foe or attack them unless it comes down to the wire. The type of magic she uses is rarely used for powerful attacks against an enemy and yet again reminds her of her uselessness to a group.

Constantly she nags to herself that she isn't good enough, she has to be better than everyone. This leads to Tamor going off by alone to practice the divine arts in a secluded area where no one can watch her miserable attempts. More often than not her attempts lead to failure, which leads to a spike in her self-loathing. Tamor is the type of person who doesn't stop trying to get something right until her body fails her. She has gone full days without eating just so she can correctly do a spell so it won't backfire in combat. An unsettled anger boils within Tamor that she keeps bottled up until it becomes too much. She’s usually angry with herself, for screwing up her life and for not being able to be greatly skilled in magic. The anger often comes to a blow when people insult her religious involvement with the Council of Nine. To force her belief on another is not something neither Tamor nor the Goddess she follows believes in. It is just something she turns to when she needs to be distracted her from life. In order to keep calm she chants the prayers of Tella or sings (more like mumbles) the hymns she’s learned.

In 1763FC Anyine from Raelus came to meet Tanlon from Ellessar an unusual bond came to form between the two. An Elf who's family was quite well known in the town of Eldur due to her father's military involvement and a Dwarf who was a weapon maker for the military. They met by chance in the town on the outskirts Eldur called Yarne, Tanlon was visiting an old friend and Anyine lived there for the moment. A bump soon changed both of their lives as they knew it. Tanlon helped Anyine with the supplies she dropped when they ran into either each, which lead to Tanlon being invited back to her house to drop them off. Anyine had a fiery temper and was good with sword, Tanlon saw that he had actually forged the sword she had in her sheath. She challenged him to a duel and said he could use any weapon he wanted but she would still best him with his own sword, as a Dwarf who loves fighting Tanlon couldn't agree fast enough. The fight went on for several rounds, Anyine gracefully dodged any strikes from his spiked mace while Tanlon's armor deflected any blows Anyine thought she landed. Thoroughly impressed that an Elf hadn't resorted to trickery (magic) Tanlon took an interest in assisting Anyine to improve current skills especially if she was going to wield his sword. They began to meet in secret in the mountains each weary of each other's motive but focused on training.

Despite Tanlon being a Dwarf and Anyine an Elf she fell smitten and was charmed by this Dwarf. Her father was a stern man of strict traditions and values who would never allow him to become a suitor for her because of his hatred for all Dwarves. Yet Tanlon bested the many elven suitors her father choose for her. They kept seeing each other for the next year far from her father's prying eyes and listening ears until Anyion couldn't bare the stares they received from the Elves and the Dwarves alike. By that point Anyine's belly was swollen but she dared not to let it be known her unborn children was Half-Dwalf, not while her father remained alive.

A blessing came unto the world in the year 1765FC named Tamor who received her mother's last name Bellfiend. To conceal the birth of her daughter Anyine immediately fell into a loveless marriage with a commander in the military before she gave birth. A web of lies spun so delicately that her husband and father both believed the child was full elven. The only other person beside Anyine that knew was her best friend, Eislynn, who helped deliver Tamor. After two years of restlessness and guilt that never seemed to end Anyine snuck away with Tamor to visit Tanlon, who had permanently moved to Yarne. She introduced Tanlon to their toddler daughter before she vanished into the dark night almost like magic, which left Tamor with her father. In a similar fashion to Anyine he had also started another family and with that conceived another daughter. An angered Tanlon grew frustrated at the fact that he hadn't gotten a boy so instead he made Tamor into his son by treating her as such, being rough and aggressive in nature when he dealt with her. He felt as if this would shape his daughter into a son until he actually had one of his own.

Two years had passed by the time Anyine returned to claim her daughter so that she could join the mage's guild in Raelus to excel in Arcane Magic like her mother. The husband she had died during a combat exercise that involved one too many explosives. Anyine and Tanlon came to blows over the custody of their daughter each having a valid reason they needed her in their lives whether that was to be the heir to a weaponry store or being a highly skilled leader of a mage guild. Until Tamor was the age of 15 she was made to travel from Eldur to Yarne every weekend. Her mother's guild supplied most of the mages in charge of attacking ships with fireballs so Anyine soon forgot all about Tamor trips.

Each of her parents pushed her in a direction of their choice and both of them got equally upset with her. Tamor wasn't good enough at weaponry nor could she master Arcane Magic. They both let her know that she was to claim that she was either fully dwarf or fully elf depending on which parent she was with otherwise it would reflect poorly on them. Her parents soon passed over her as their younger children grew of age and showed more potential than Tamor ever did. Quickly she learned to blend into the background at each her of perspective homes. The less she ate, talked, and moved the less attention she gathered and the more her parents dismissed her presence. Eislynn, her mother's best friend, was a follower of The Council of Nine an usual path to follow when one considered how Raelus regarded religion. As a member of Tamor's mother guild she was eager to pass on her knowledge, belief, and power onto the current generation. As Anyine failed to pass on her Arcane Magic Eislynn thought she would give Tamor another chance to learn magic. It took very little to convince Tamor of the realness of The Council of Nine, she had always particularly believed there were deities but her mother frowned at the idea.

Eislynn followed the path of Tella then soon did Tamor, the new religious awakening bought peace to her life. She learned Divine Magic in the form of healing magic from Eislynn until she passed in the year 1785FC. With the only person in her life that actually gave her proper attention gone Tamor devoted herself to her religion and magic. As a person that never wants to give up she worked and worked until she passed out. A wanderer mage found Tamor's unconscious body and carried her back to his home. When she came to Tamor met the mage named Niolas who's personality attracted her toward him. He was a magical daredevil; he tried spells that had never been tested in his hometown in Ethora. Niolas also found out about Tamor's lineage as he followed her from house to house without her knowledge. The nickname he chose for her was his little Dwelf even though she hated it he kept referring to Tamor as it. The center of her universe was Niolas until his teasing went too far or so she thinks. She bludgeoned his head in with rock, again that's what she thinks happened, that day is fuzzy in Tamor's mind and the details aren't clear. Blood streaked on her clothing, as her magic failed to work is an imagery that often pops up in her dreams. When she awoken the next morning she couldn't even find where his body had gone or her entire bloody wardrobe. The only other thing, which was abnormal, was the hawk that she saw following her around for the next few days. It won't come without closer unless it wants to, Tamor instantly named it Niolas.

In an effort to prove herself to her father and develop magic skills that suppassed her mother she answered the call of the Monks of Ekilore. The summoning happened by a letter that she found on her chest when she awoke up form a nap in the grass behind her mother's house. Somehow the Monks were impressed with the perseverance she showed while practicing magic and thought it would help (along with her type of magic) during the long trek. Tamor hopes by answering the call it'll also help recall her memory of that horrendous day.

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