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Yay, I'm now in 2013! Just like Hikari & Cid, I got my supportership this year, but I donated myself which means a shiny new emblem, I hope it wasn't an old one ripped from some other profile :p

I remember joining in March & due to studies, I started my PC experience in April. I was such a noob, I tell u. I first joined PC for the sole reason to learn about hacking like most others but I've grown out of it & I'm now into battling at PC's battle server.

Talking about that, I only joined the server 2 months ago. It's amazing, I tell you. Nica going crazy for Blubberchomp which is Wolflare & many others. Don't forget the 'poking' here & there, woo!

Sometime during May, I started to mature a bit, my posting skills were better & I was definitely friendlier but I was still afraid of talking to mods & supporters older than me, sorry 'bout that.

And now, look at me, you may call me an extrovert if you would like to. My blue, italic name has gave me more confidence in myself to be honest, I may seem vain tho :p

I wish not to say the downtimes & how a few of my hiatus's from PC were trigerred but like I said earlier, PC's a magical place & I'm sooo glad I'm stumbled upon this place!

Many thanks to Hikari, diab_low, Rainbow Arcanine, Cid, Laugh, synerjee & many, MANY more others which has been with me during the wonderful year of 2012.

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