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    Guys listen the way i get alot of shinys fast is very simple .. i already got shinys in other games i own so i trade them to only 1 game pokemon emerald oh and btw i did RNG them and i used a method it is : get 2 shinys 1 male 1 female different species and different id number but same OT and 1 Japanese [female] and other from USA or EUR [male] and make them breed on a crystal japanese version thats all oh and you must have in your team a pokemon above level 50 with flamebody and a shiny pokemon [female] in the party and put it next to that egg and thats all and wala! you get the pokemon you want and it will be shiny with a 80% chance and if you RNGed them you have a 90% chance of getting shiny

    i am dieing to get a heracross i will start hunting it NOW btw i meant i am hunting it since the morning
    The Shines I Caught
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