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    Originally Posted by CarcharOdin View Post
    Sucks for the fish and the civilians involved. Also, 15-cm may or may not have been thick enough, but Monterey Bay Aquarium has exhibits that use supposedly the same material (acrylic, if I'm not mistaken) and their thicknesses vary from 3 to 13 inches (or about 8 - 33cm) and I've never heard of any of their exhibits doing something like this.

    Also it says "A safety expert said: "According to experts' preliminary investigation, the main cause of the incident is that the material used to make the aquarium ruptured under low temperatures after long-time use."

    So far it's looking like the main cause was poor maintenance.
    Just like the rides in China's amusement parks. They show severe age that need refurbishment, yet they never have the time to do so. Some of the guys at Theme Park Review pointed out that they feared that these rides could break at any moment now. Aquariums are no different, as we can see in this article.
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