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Hello, members of PC, today i bring to you the project i've been working on.

Name : Pokemon - Evils Unite

Game Plot
Many years ago, countless years if not more, the Volcano Of Doom started erupting, causing heaps of Lava, which ended up threatening the to not only end the lives of people and their Pokemon, but also end the world itself. However, Lugia, the Guardian Of the Sea, stopped and calmed the volcano, risking it's own life in the process. However, ever since then, people have been true towards Lugia.

Present Day

You, the hero(ine), are living in a peaceful town in the Senora Region, called Pitsborough Town. Your father, the powerful gym leader of Navya City, and even his brother, the champion of the Hoenn League, decide to come home for a vacation. However, the vacation doesn't last long, as Team Rocket and Team Magma join ranks, and create the evil team known as Team Chaos. Then, they use DNA from normal Pokemon, and research them, to power them through scientific processes, up to their maximum ability. Then, disaster. The scientists managed to create two formidable Pokemon. Two powerful Shadow Pokemon, destined to destroy. Because of their power, they are uncontrollable, and are escaping from under Team Chaos' nose. In order to stop this from happening, they decided to find the Shadow Elixir at the Volcano of Doom. However, due to their evil schemes, the volcano has begun to erupt again, and in order to stop this, some one has to find the Lugia Artifact, created by the worshipers of Lugia. However, it has been lost for many years, so, with help of other people, some one will bring down Team Chaos and stop the eruption for good. That some one is you. You were the chosen one. Now you have to bring them down.

-Pitsborough Town, nicknamed most peaceful town of the world. It is where the hero lives and where Prof. Oak has moved after Pallet Town.
-Azure City, economic center of Kanto. Gym Leader : Osaka - Fire Type.
-Navya City, coastal city where you can find the biggest international harbour of the world. Gym Leader : David - Fight Type.
-Calva City, next to Pitsborough Town, where you'll find a road leading to the Senora Elite HQ.
-Dardarill City, Gym Leader : Lina - Poison Type
And many other cities i haven't created.......

Current Team
-JNathan (Mapper - Event Maker - Storyliner).
-Dradier234 (Mapper)
-Laugh (Mapper)
-Leikaru (offline)
-Za_Destroyer (offline)
-Hoenn (Spriter-Mapper)


And here is the code for it :

Main Characters
-The hero(ine)
A fifteen years old boy/girl, brother/sister to the Hoenn Champion and to Navya City's Gym Leader. Living in Pitsborough Town, he/she receives a Pokemon from his brother and sets on a journey to save the world.

A fifteen years old girl. Living in the same town as the hero, she received a pokemon one day after the hero and decides to go with him in his quest to save the world

He is Prof Landon's 17 years old son and he claims to be the hero's main rival. He will often battle the hero while in his way to stop Team Chaos.

He is the 23 years old Hoenn Champ and the hero's brother. Takes part in the hero's journey.
-Prof Landon

Moved to Senora to expand his studies. Often works with Prof Oak.

Features : -Hoenn + Kanto Pokemon
-More 2 vs 2 battles
-New cities

Open Suggestions
1.Which starters should i use?


Credits to :
-The guys who made Pokemon Essentials v11
-carmaniac(Bubble system message & B/W style loading screen)
I need some :
-Positive critics.
|| ||